Emergency Locksmith in Beckenham | How to Avoid Locking Yourself Out


As a local locksmith serving the Beckenham area, we have been helping locked-out people back into their homes since 2014. With over 50 years of trade experience, we can provide our clients with an emergency locksmith with a proven track record. Despite the guarantee of getting safely back into your Beckenham property, nobody enjoys reaching for their phone and typing “24 hour locksmith near me” into a search engine.

In our role as a local locksmith, we’ve put together some handy tips to help Beckenham homeowners avoid locking themselves out again.


  1. Put your keys in a memorable place. If you’re in the habit of simply throwing your keys down wherever they may land upon entering your Beckenham property, there’s a chance you might forget where you put them, or lose them entirely. This greatly increases the likelihood of leaving home without them later on. Whether as an emergency locksmith or a 24 hour locksmith, we regularly encounter clients who simply don’t know where their keys are.

  2. Develop a habit for checking. To prevent any “emergency locksmith near me” searches, teach yourself to check for daily essentials such as keys, phone and wallet or purse. After a few days of doing this before you leave your Beckenham property in the morning, you’ll drastically reduce the need for looking up a local locksmith.

  3. Assign spare keys to friends or neighbours. Perhaps the oldest trick in the book to avoiding a lock-out and an “emergency locksmith near me” search. By pre-emptively distributing some spare keys to reliable friends, family or neighbours in Beckenham, a lock-out doesn’t necessarily need a local locksmith, but rather a quick walk next door or a few streets away.

  4. Hide an extra key in a briefcase or bag. As a locally trusted 24 hour locksmith, this is a tip we always recommend to our Beckenham clients. Simple and effective, most people even forget the spare key is in their briefcase or bag until the moment arrives when it is needed. Fishing it out of a hidden pocket certainly beats another “emergency locksmith near me” search.

  5. Secure Wall-Mounted Storage. If all else fails, and we’re becoming friends instead of simply your local locksmith because we see you so often, a wall-mounted security box may be the answer. These safe-like boxes eliminate the usual risks that come with leaving a spare key outside.


Here at Lardner Locksmiths Ltd, we understand the frustration that comes with being locked out of your Beckenham property. As a local locksmith with a complete service, we are available as a responsive 24 hour locksmith on an emergency basis.


For more information on our services as a 24 hour locksmith in Beckenham, call 07533 253 947

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Alarm Systems Fitted by a Locksmith Near Me


When searching for “locksmith near me”, clients in and around Croydon tend to look for a local locksmith who can fit alarm systems too. We are proficient at installing wireless alarms with a speech dialler or text messaging function, which can be connected to specific contact numbers and the police. This will alert clients who are vacation of any unlawful entry, which can require a 24 hour locksmith or emergency locksmith to efficiently reinforce any damage to the locks afterwards.


  • A popular alarm fitted by a locksmith is the motion detector which identifies movement in certain rooms from strategically placed sensors
  • Alarms with shock or vibration sensors will detect when a door or window is being tampered with, as well as from the intruder inside your Croydon property


For more advice or to get replacement keys with the help of our local locksmith in the Croydon and the wider Surrey or Kent area, please call

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