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So you’ve thought to yourself – “I need a locksmith near me, stat!” but are now faced with the problem of selecting a company. In the principal service areas covered by Lardner Locksmiths – which include: Addiscombe, Beckenham, Bromley, Chislehurst, Croydon, Crystal Palace and Shirley, there are a few options to choose from. While we firmly believe we’re the best option going, we’re well aware that many competitors are equally sure in their own abilities. So in this blog post, we’ve looked to answer the question: “what makes a trustworthy locksmith?” and suggest a number of questions you can sound out a company with.


But if you’ve decided that the “locksmith near me” you require is indeed a member of the Lardner team, well done! You won’t regret it. Pick up the phone and call us on 07533 253 947. We provide a 24 hour service at highly competitive prices you won’t find elsewhere…


What Makes for a Trustworthy Locksmith?


Company Reputation


There are many sole trader locksmiths operating in the areas we cover (Addiscombe, Beckenham, Bromley, Chislehurst, Croydon, Crystal Palace and Shirley), and companies that provide certain locksmithing services as a side offering to their major services. We’d recommend instead operating for a dedicated locksmith with a great company reputation. Lardner Locksmiths ticks both these boxes, and this makes us a great choice the next time you’re wondering “who is the best locksmith near me?”


Beware a Locksmith in a Rush


A quality locksmith should seem cool, calm and collected – ready to provide diagnostics, advice and assistance. If you speak with a locksmith who seems like they’re in a rush to replace a lock before even properly figuring out which replacement product is best for your needs and budget, or even why the lock failed in the first place, alarm bells should start ringing. They might cut corners to hurry through a job to get to the next one. A reputable locksmith will take the time to listen to you, and provide a bespoke service – nothing more, nothing less than you need.


Make Sure the Price is Right


The answer to “who is the best locksmith near me” (and by near me we mean the aforementioned covered areas of Addiscombe, Beckenham, Bromley, Chislehurst, Croydon, Crystal Palace and Shirley), can’t solely be decided by quality of workmanship and customer service. In this day and age, whatever industry you’re in you have to compete on price. We take great efforts to ensure our prices are highly competitive, whichever one of the services we offer you’re investing in. Be sure to ask for a price list ahead of time, and compare them online or with other locksmiths in the flesh.


Do They Offer An Emergency Service?


Not all locksmiths are emergency locksmiths. Some operate between set hours, and won’t be around should you lock yourself out your home in the dead of night, or suffer a similar disaster at an unsociable hour. If your question is more “I need a locksmith near me… and it’s 2am” than the one previously posed, your options become a little more limited. Great news for the indecisive amongst you! Lardner Locksmiths is an emergency, 24-hour locksmith providing coverage round the clock to the following areas, and all nearby locales:


• Addiscombe

• Beckenham

• Bromley

• Chislehurst

• Croydon

• Crystal Palace

• Shirley


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Lardner Locksmiths is the best answer to “where can I find a locksmith near me?!” We cover Croydon, Crystal Palace and all other areas mentioned in this blog. Call us on 07533 253 947.

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