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Every now and again, you might experience a problem with your door locks. It’s nothing to be worried about if you identify the issue, and call in a local locksmith like one of ours, who cover Bromley and all surrounding areas. Depending on the severity of the issue, you might want to call in an “emergency locksmith” – which we define as anyone offer a true 24/7 service, like us.  The main thing you don’t want to do is put off problems, as this could mean they either get worse, or compromise the security of your home, as well as inhabitants’ well-being (e.g a compromised lock could prevent escape if a fire were to occur).


This is the subject of this particular article… door lock problems that should never be relegated to an “I’ll deal with it later” issue. If you suffer any of the problems detailed in this article, or something that’s worrying but less urgent, don’t hesitate to give us a call. As the Bromley area’s trusted 24 hour locksmith, we can quickly attend to the issue by carrying out expert diagnostics and repairs, at highly competitive prices. Just call 07533 253 947 whenever you find yourself thinking: “I need a locksmith near me, stat!”


Door Problems You Shouldn’t Ignore


Loose Door Locks, Knobs & Handles


Door locks are relatively complex and composed of many different moving parts. When one fails, it can have a knock-on effect and cause the entire lock to be compromised. Common reasons for door locks, knobs and handles loosening are extensive use or an extended lifespan. But it may also be due to an attempted break-in or an everyday accident.


While some Bromley homeowners might think that a loose lock is not enough reason to call in a 24 hour locksmith, like ours in Croydon, keep in mind that around 60% of break-ins in the UK are forcible entries. Burglars are opportunists and will check exterior locks/handles/knobs when casing a property. If they detect a weakness and suspect you to be out of the house, they may strike.


So it certainly pays to be vigilant and have a local locksmith fix an issue as early as possible. We’ll check all the internal components – like the set screw, fastner and spindler – to identify the problem before recommending a repair, usually the replacement of said component or the lock itself. The latter is usually the best course of action if a lock is failing due to being very old and perhaps rusty.


Misaligned Locks


Also referred to as misaligned strike plates, these are exactly what the name implies – a problem where the essential parts of a locking mechanism aren’t lining up. These can be due to a botched installation job, or because of natural movements with your property’s materials due to the weather (warping etc). Not only can misaligned doors worsen to the point of broken locks and fixtures, but they cease to operate properly. As a result, you may be unable to close your door – an obvious and drastic security risk!


So if your door is sticking, or not closing at all (or opening for that matter) – call in an emergency locksmith. When attending a Bromley property with misaligned locks, we’ll start by examining door screws and door hinges. Adjusting these screws could help correct the configuration. If that doesn’t work, we’ll work on the strike plate, often with a file, to ensure it lines up properly with your latch/door lock bolt. While some homeowners might be able to make said adjustments on a DIY basis, we recommend using a local locksmith instead, as without the proper expertise you could make the misalignment more pronounced than it originally was.


Jammed Locks & Latches


Locks can jam for all sorts of reasons. A very common one which 24 hour locksmiths are attending to day and night, is a very innocuous suspect – dirt and debris getting into the lock. As you might imagine, this is a relatively simple fix once identified. Generous application of lubricant and use of a cleaning kit will often do the trick.


But another issue that certainly calls for a visit from an emergency locksmith is a broken bolt or latch. These will need to be replaced, which is a tricky job for most Bromley property owners who lack the proper training. Please do not try and bend a bolt back into shape, as this could weaken or damage the lock itself. Instead ask that question “where can I find a locksmith near me?” and answer it with “Lardner Locksmiths, of course!”


Suffering from an issue detailed on this page? Call the Bromley area’s trusted local locksmith on 07533 253 947. We provide 24 hour coverage!

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