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One of the most common reasons that an emergency locksmith will be called out to a property in Chislehurst is the suspicion that locks have been tampered with. As the area’s best loved 24 hour locksmith, it’s an issue we’re constantly dealing with. Sometimes a client merely has a sneaking suspicion, for example they might have seen a stranger lurking around the grounds of their property. Other times it’s incredibly obvious. In either case, don’t hesitate contacting an emergency locksmith and indeed the police, to deal with the criminal element.


In this article, the Lardner Locksmiths team has taken a look at the most common types of door lock tampering, so you can hopefully identify them and know what you’re up against. Should you require a local locksmith for any of the services detailed across this wider website, don’t hesitate to call us on 07533 253 947. Our team has a whopping 50 years of industry experience, so there’s nothing we can’t handle – whatever the reason you’re asking the question “where can I find a locksmith near me?”


The Most Common Forms of Door Lock Tampering


Brute Force


By far the least subtle way a burglar will attempt to access a Chislehurst property is the “brute force” approach. They might look to bash the lock with a tool, drill through the bolt or simple smash the door down. All three of the aforementioned examples will leave very obvious signs / red flags, for example scratches in the paint around the frame, or debris from where wood or a similar material has come loose during their attempts.


After contacting the police to report the attempted entry, you should turn your attention to the possibility that a lock has been damaged. Even if it hasn’t, and your lock has done an outstanding job of keeping your property safe, it’s worth having an emergency locksmith like Lardner take a look. Otherwise, you could be risking a second and more successful visit from a stupid burglar keen on returning to the scene of the crime! As a 24 hour locksmith, we’re always on hand to help.


Lock Picking


A slightly more subtle approach and one which has captured public imagination in the form of heist movies from the 1920s onwards, lock picking can often be hard to detect; especially compared with a brute force go! Those good at it would make good emergency locksmiths, and it’s a shame that they go down the route they take. They’ll use small tools like flat screwdrivers or picks to turn a lock and rake pin tumblers.


Chislehurst property owners should keep on the lookout for small scratch marks or metal flakes around keyholes, which are signs that someone’s had a go at picking your lock (and it won’t have been our 24 hour locksmiths, unless you asked us to)! In many countries, it’s illegal to own professional-grade picks, but it isn’t here. So they’re far more widely used than preferable…




It’s fast and doesn’t require investment in any specialist gear, so it’s no surprise that lock bumping is such a possible means of breaking and entry amongst Chislehurst homeowners. On the other hand, it’s very noisy compared with picking so can be picked up by neighbours who might alert the authorities. As with picking, it can leave traces like cuts/nicks around keyholes, as well as the previously mentioned metal flakes (caused by the force of impact).


If this method has been recently and widely employed to gain access to homes in your particular area of Chislehurst, it may be worth having a local locksmith (like us) come in to install bump-proof locks which have 3 star rating via the British Standard TS007 Kitemark system, which specifically rates resistance to this method of break-in. As your local locksmith ( and a 24 hour locksmith at that), we can promise this works and is an especially attractive safeguard if you have very old or antiquated locks installed many years ago.


Asking the question: “Where can I find an emergency locksmith near me?” You’ve found one!


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