24 Hour Locksmith in Crystal Palace | 4 Simple Home Security Tips


As a 24 hour locksmith serving the Crystal Palace area, we often encounter lapses in home security that can lead to a break-in. Nobody wants to experience the trauma of such an event. As a time-served local locksmith, we want to illustrate to Crystal Palace residents that even simple home security habits can greatly reduce the risk of being a victim.

By following our 4 tips, you hopefully won’t have to search for “24 hour locksmith near me” on your phone in order to call out an emergency locksmith.


1. Lock Doors & Windows

This one seems obvious, doesn’t it? But as a local locksmith, we service a surprising number of people who leave their windows open and doors unlocked when they leave their property. We’ve visited clients who only went to the shops for ten minutes or so – but that was all it took for a passing thief to take advantage of an open window. As a 24 hour locksmith, our personnel have also been called out to Crystal Palace properties during summer nights when windows have been left open and a thief has entered. It comes as no surprise to us, as an emergency locksmith, that recent figures showed 59% of burglaries occur with occupants inside the property.


2. Keep Keys Hidden

Some Crystal Palace residents hurriedly searching for an “emergency locksmith near me” are those who leave their keys in sight next to the front door. It is a convenient location for people prone to forgetting their keys wanting to prevent a later lock-out, but it’s also a very convenient location for opportunist thieves. Whether through a window or an open letterbox, thieves can either simply reach in and take them or, if the keys are a little further out of reach, use a specialist tool to grab them and pull them through to the other side. With your keys in their hands, the thief has complete access to your property and car, while you’re left making a call to your local locksmith.


3. Social Media

As a trusted 24 hour locksmith in Crystal Palace, we’ve been called out to returning holidaymakers who have had the misfortune of walking straight into a burgled home. While studies are still being carried out into the severity of the issue, it’s widely regarded among experts and local locksmiths that holidays updates on open social media accounts provide thieves with the knowledge that your property is empty. Rather than going online to check for likes and comments, Crystal Palace residents will instead need to search for an “emergency locksmith near me.”


4. Communicate with your Neighbours

As an emergency locksmith serving the Crystal Palace area, we recognise that not everyone has a strong relationship with their neighbours. If you do, however, it’s worth taking advantage of it if you ever find yourself away from home for any length of time. Primarily, this helps remove the giveaway sign of piled up post on the floor or in the letterbox.


If they don’t mind, they can even park their car on your drive for a day or two to give the impression that the property is still occupied. This further reduces the likelihood of attracting the attention of thieves, and the likelihood of you needing to search for a “local locksmith near me.”


For more advice or to get replacement keys with the help of our local locksmith in the Croydon and the wider Surrey or Kent area, please call 07533 253 947.

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Alarm Systems Fitted by a Locksmith Near Me


When searching for “locksmith near me”, clients in and around Croydon tend to look for a local locksmith who can fit alarm systems too. We are proficient at installing wireless alarms with a speech dialler or text messaging function, which can be connected to specific contact numbers and the police. This will alert clients who are vacation of any unlawful entry, which can require a 24 hour locksmith or emergency locksmith to efficiently reinforce any damage to the locks afterwards.


  • A popular alarm fitted by a locksmith is the motion detector which identifies movement in certain rooms from strategically placed sensors
  • Alarms with shock or vibration sensors will detect when a door or window is being tampered with, as well as from the intruder inside your Croydon property


For more advice or to get replacement keys with the help of our local locksmith in the Croydon and the wider Surrey or Kent area, please call

07533 253 947.